Tub Conversions

-Do you have a mobility ailment, or know someone who does?

-How about yourself, your mother, or grandmother?

-Do you worry about losing your balance and falling while getting into the tub or shower?

-Let us help you with a custom tub conversion. We perform these tastefully, so it looks like it was built with an easily accessible entry way when it was installed. When you convert your tub to have an easy access entrance, you can easily enter into the bath tub without the worry and fear of slipping and falling from losing your balance or tripping.

-Have you already thought of getting a tub with an easy access entrance? If so, we can save you money by customizing your existing tub instead of replacing it which can be lengthy and expensive. With our conversion procedure, you are able to use your new tub the next morning, as soon as everything cures.




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